Subject Matter Experts Video Series

The IIA Educational Video Series

Index Industry Association members participated in an educational video series with IIA CEO Rick Redding, covering a variety of topics to help investors and financial advisors understand the importance of independent indexing, the future of our industry and key trends to watch out for. Please click below to watch the interviews with subject matter experts from IIA member firms.

Subject Matter Experts

chris hackel             aram-flores

  Chris Hackel              Aram Flores

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  • Chris Hackel, Index Product Manager at Bloomberg and Aram Flores, Managing Director and Global Co-Head of Indices at IHS Markit, share their thoughts on the opportunities they see in indexing and fixed income. – WATCH HERE

  • Chris Hackel and Aram Flores explain why transparency is key and what investors need to understand about the underlying methodologies of indexes. – WATCH HERE


craig lazzara   mark carver   rob hughes  

 Craig Lazzara       Mark Carver        Rob Hughes

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  • Craig Lazzara, Global Head of Index Investment Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices, Mark Carver, Head of Factor Index Products at MSCI and Rob Hughes, Head of Index and Advisor Solutions at Nasdaq, weigh in on multi-factor indexes. – WATCH HERE

  • Smart beta commands a great deal of attention, but for such a popular term, its definition isn’t always clear. Craig Lazzara, Mark Carver and Rob Hughes give their take on what smart beta really means. – WATCH HERE

  • Where does smart beta fit into a portfolio? Craig Lazzara, Mark Carver and Rob Hughes continue their smart beta discussion. – WATCH HERE

  • Craig Lazzara, Mark Carver and Rob Hughes discuss how innovation plays a role in smart beta and thematic indexes. – WATCH HERE


 aye soe         raman s

       Aye Soe          Raman Subramanian

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  • Aye Soe, Managing Director, Global Research & Design, at S&P Dow Jones Indices and Raman Subramanian, Head of Equity Applied Research for Americas and EMEA, at MSCI, discuss the benefits of independent index providers and outline what investors should know about self-indexing. – WATCH HERE

  • Aye Soe and Raman Subramanian delve further into the evolving role of indexes over time, as well as the importance of a strong index methodology. – WATCH HERE


 ben johnson

  Ben Johnson


  • Ben Johnson, Director of Global ETF Research at Morningstar, discusses the opportunities and benefits he sees in smart beta. – WATCH HERE

  • Where will indexing be in the next  5 to 10 years? Ben Johnson shares his thoughts on the future of the industry. – WATCH HERE


joe depaolo

  Joe DePaolo

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  • Joe DePaolo, Chief Legal Officer, elaborates on the changing regulatory environment and how it affects the indexing industry. – WATCH HERE