Senior Leaders Video Series

The IIA Educational Video Series

Index Industry Association members participated in an educational video series with IIA CEO Rick Redding, covering a variety of topics to help investors and financial advisors understand the importance of independent indexing, the future of our industry and key trends to watch out for, including regulations and the growth of ESG. Please click below to watch the interviews with senior leaders from IIA member firms.


barclay_228x150           Bundy_Ron            matturi

    David Barclay                      Ron Bundy                       Alex Matturri

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Sanjay-Arya-Global-Head-of-Morningstar-Indices        bill_speth        matteoandreettostoxx20171-580x358

      Sanjay Arya                         Bill Speth                   Matteo Andreetto

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  • Senior Leaders from some of the IIA’s member firms discuss the opportunities they see in their industry in the next five years. – WATCH HERE

  • The panel looks ahead at the upcoming challenges for the index industry, including the impact of regulations. – WATCH HERE

  • IIA’s senior leaders series continues with the timely topics of ESG and smart beta. – WATCH HERE

  • Has indexing become too big for the market? Industry leaders weigh in. – WATCH HERE

  • The panel discusses whether indexing causes volatility in the market. – WATCH HERE