IIA in the News: WSJ Finds CFOs in Focus as Corporate ESG Data Comes to the Fore

2021-02-09T21:42:51+00:00February 9, 2021|

The Wall Street Journal has outlined the challenges being posed to chief financial officers, as investment and fund managers continue to take a closer - and more real-time - look at corporates' ESG data.   In recent years index providers have [...]

Latest IIA Blog at CFA Enterprising Investor: Gauging Election Volatility in a Year of Extremes

2020-10-20T14:46:18+00:00October 20, 2020|

  CBOE Global Markets' Henry Schwartz uses index options data to survey how investors can manage volatility during the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election. Read the full post by clicking above or here.

Indexes and Financial Products: Apples & Oranges

2020-10-13T18:20:26+00:00October 13, 2020|

  For many market commentators, identifying the difference between market indexes and investment products too often proves more difficult than it should be.   One of the most valuable and useful tools for market participants, indexes are frequently misportrayed, misunderstood, [...]

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