Index Industry Association Celebrates 10th Anniversary With NYSE Bell Ringing

2022-04-14T20:42:00+00:00April 14, 2022|

The Index Industry Association (IIA) last week marked the 10th Anniversary of its founding with a closing bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). I was joined to commemorate this important occasion by NYSE President Lynn Martin, [...]

Dan Draper, Chairman of IIA, on Transparency, Independence, and Integrity as the bedrocks of indexing

2022-03-31T18:54:30+00:00March 31, 2022|

The latest in our ‘Voices of IIA’ series comes from Dan Draper, CEO at S&P Dow Jones Indices and Chairman of IIA  Dan Draper, S&P Dow Jones Indices As he assumes the chair of the Index Industry Association, Dan [...]

Cboe Global Markets’ Catherine Clay on Philosophy, Leadership, and the Future of the Index Industry

2022-02-01T22:14:20+00:00February 1, 2022|

As part of our ‘Voices of IIA’ series, we sat down with Catherine Clay, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Data and Access Solutions at Cboe Global Markets Catherine Clay, Cboe Global Markets From floor trader to Executive Vice President, Cathy [...]

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