The IIA Series at CFA Enterprising Investor:
Election Volatility in a Year of Extremes
Indexes and Financial Products: Apples & Oranges

  For many market commentators, identifying the difference between market indexes and investment products too often proves more difficult than it should be.   One of the most valuable and useful tools for market participants, indexes are frequently misportrayed, misunderstood, […]

ETF Bild, IIA's Rick Redding Discuss Regulation, ESG in Two-Part Interview

Getting Smart on ESG Benchmarks
Join IIA CEO Rick Redding
at the Fall 2020
Benchmark Regulation:
In Search of
Global Consensus
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IIA member firm @CBOE’s Henry Schwartz penned a blog post on the potential #volatility ahead and after the upcoming U.S. presidential election, and what #investors, #assetmanagers and #traders can expect. Read the full post here: https://blogs.cfainstitute.org/investor/2020/10/20/option-traders-and-the-2020-presidential-election/

CFA Institute@CFAinstitute

The global securities markets are bracing for a high-stakes US presidential election.

What are option traders indicating about the potential volatility that may be in store?

@CBOE's Henry Schwartz shares his analysis.

@IndexIndustry via @Enterprising. https://cfainst.is/2HiwvsK

Professor @peck_simon at @cwru explains the #index sector value chain in part two of the new video series by @IndexIndustry Association and @CEDupdate. #IIAIndexFoundations https://vimeo.com/429757512

Follow the IIA on LinkedIn for additional in-depth insights! https://www.linkedin.com/company/index-industry-association/

In part two of IIA CEO Rick Redding’s conversation with the @ETFBILD team, he discusses #ESG indexing and its evolving sources of impetus. Read the full post to learn more about this budding landscape for #indexes and its implications for the #ETF industry https://etfbild.com/a-conversation-with-rick-redding-from-the-index-industry-association-part-ii/

Do you understand the differences between #indexes and the #investment products and strategies based on them? In his latest blog post, IIA CEO Rick Redding highlights and corrects the most common index misperceptions. Find out more via http://www.indexindustry.org/2020/10/13/indexes-and-financial-products-apples-oranges/

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