The State of Indexes Explored on MSCI’s Perspectives Podcast

IIA Chief Rick Redding sits down with MSCI’s Perspectives podcast, discussing the results of IIA’s recent Benchmark Survey, the industry’s reaction to the pandemic, and other trends in the index landscape.

Fourth Annual IIA Benchmark Survey Reveals Significant Growth in ESG, Continued Multi-Asset Innovation & Heightened Competition

2020 results show record increase in the number of indexes measuring environmental, social & governance (ESG) criteria, while Indexes covering fixed income markets grew 7.1%

The IIA Series at CFA Enterprising Investor:
Election Volatility in a Year of Extremes
Indexes and Financial Products: Apples & Oranges

  For many market commentators, identifying the difference between market indexes and investment products too often proves more difficult than it should be.   One of the most valuable and useful tools for market participants, indexes are frequently misportrayed, misunderstood, […]

ETF Bild, IIA's Rick Redding Discuss Regulation, ESG in Two-Part Interview

Getting Smart on ESG Benchmarks
Benchmark Regulation:
In Search of
Global Consensus
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Fourth Annual IIA Benchmark Survey Reveals Significant Growth in ESG, Continued Multi-Asset Innovation & Heightened Competition: http://ow.ly/TQp450CTtRq via @IndexIndustry #ESG #impinv

CEO Rick Redding joined @ChuckJaffe of @MoneyLifeShow to discuss the IIA’s 4th #index survey results, the ongoing rapid growth in the creation of indexes and how that impacts both the fund industry and individual investors. Listen to the full episode here https://moneylifeshow.libsyn.com/brian-frank-tech-stocks-are-acting-like-its-1999-but-values-are-scarce

IIA CEO Rick Redding says the results from 2020’s Index Data Survey demonstrate a highly competitive industry that continues to broaden its offerings to meet investor demand. Read more about the trends and changes in the index industry via @CityAM: https://www.cityam.com/esg-and-fixed-income-indices-surge-in-2020/

Rick Redding spoke with @Evie_xing at @barronsonline to discuss the results from the @IndexIndustry fourth Index Data Survey. The full article, “ESG Indexes Grew by 40% Last Year as Investor Interest Surges,” can be read here: https://www.barrons.com/articles/esg-indexes-grew-by-40-last-year-as-investor-interest-surges-51603919724

According to @IndexIndustry fourth Index Data Survey, #ESG indices saw a record high year-on-year growth. Find out more about what drove the growth over the past year in the index world via @CFAinstitute’s @Enterprising: https://blogs.cfainstitute.org/investor/2020/11/02/esg-and-fixed-income-indices-surge-in-2020/#__prclt=71lZSLMJ

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