Index Industry Association Introduces Fiona Bassett, FTSE Russell CEO, as Chair, Appoints New Board Members

The Index Industry Association, the leading global organization that advocates and educates investors on behalf of the index industry which was established in 2012, announces changes to its seven member Board of Directors. 

FTSE Russell CEO Fiona Bassett is the new chair of the IIA Board, elected to a two-year term through January of 2026. Also elected are MSCI Head of Index Jana Haines, Nasdaq Senior Vice President and Global Head of Index, Investment Intelligence Emily Spurling and ICE Vice President of Indices Varun Pawar. Former IIA chairman Dan Draper, S&P Dow Jones Indices CEO, will remain on the board as will Morningstar Indexes President Ron Bundy and CRSP CEO David Barclay. 

“It’s an exciting time for our industry as index firms continue to innovate to meet the complex and continuously evolving needs of the global financial industry,” said Bassett. “I look forward to working with industry peers to continue the IIA’s mission to educate investors on the attributes and the beneficial role indexes play within the investment industry, to advocate for the interests of index users and providers worldwide, and to push for industry standards of best practice, independence and transparency.” 

“We are proud to announce our first female Chair and the key senior roles so many women have leading index providers including having three of our seven Board seats,” said IIA CEO Rick Redding.

About the IIA 

Many of the leading independent index providers in the world are members of the IIA, including Bloomberg Indices, CBOE Global Indices, the Chicago Booth Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), China Bond Pricing Co. Ltd., China Securities Index Co. Ltd., FTSE Russell, Hang Seng Indexes, Morningstar, MSCI Inc., NASDAQ OMX, Parameta Solutions, Shenzhen Securities Information Co.Ltd.,S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, ISS-STOXX , and JPX Market Innovation and Research (Tokyo Stock Exchange). 

IIA members calculate over three million indices for their clients, covering a number of different asset classes, including equities, fixed income, and commodities. Part of the IIA’s mission is to consider ways to promote best practices for index providers, which makes it a natural supporter of appropriate and proportionate industry standards. Our members are dedicated to promoting transparency, competition, sound operational practices, intellectual property rights, education, and effective index management practices. IIA members are independent index administrators who neither trade the underlying component securities of their indices nor directly create products for investors. Moreover, our members publicly make available methodologies, explain how their indices are created, calculated, or maintained.