IIA Member Firms Reflect on the Impact of the IIA (Part 2)


Since its founding, the IIA has represented the global index industry in regulatory matters. We work closely with market participants, regulators, and other representative bodies to promote sound practices in the industry that strengthen markets and serve the needs of investors. 

As the Index Industry Association celebrates the 10th Anniversary of our founding, we took the opportunity to ask our member firms about the impact the IIA has had on the industry and key stakeholders. In the post below, our member firms to share their thoughts on the IIA, and its role as a representative of the index industry.

“Prior to the creation of the IIA, the index industry did not have its own trade organization. Since its founding, the IIA has made great progress on the regulatory, advocacy and marketing fronts to promote the benefits of indexing to investors and to present a unified voice for the industry.”

  • Morningstar

“The IIA understands and represents the markets by working closely with market participants, regulators and other representative bodies. As a market participant, HSI joined IIA in 2018. We are grateful that IIA helps sharing regulatory information on the indexing industry and assists members to understand the impact and possible actions needed. IIA also garners the opinions from members in formulating industry-wide view in policy lobbying and advocating with different government bodies or associations.

Moreover, the IIA helps facilitate members to know more about the evolving market, allowing us to react quickly and to adopt the highest standards together as an industry.”

  • Hang Seng Indexes

“The IIA’s focus and coordination on ensuring that various regulatory regimes are harmonized and remain consistent with IOSCO-based frameworks is especially important.

In addition, as layers of ESG and climate-disclosure regulations accumulate across different legislative schemes, it is of increasing importance that index providers understand and articulate what their obligations are and to maintain these distinctions, work that the IIA greatly facilitates.”

  • Bloomberg

“In our view, the IIA is an excellent platform for global index providers to share insights and discuss industry trends. In particular, the IIA closely follows the regulatory policies, giving index providers a very good channel to understand the regulatory landscape changes. We also appreciate the IIA’s efforts in exchanging opinions and suggestions on industry regulatory policies with regulators on behalf of the community of index providers.”

  • China Securities Index Co., LTD. (CSI)

The IIA strives every day to represent the industry in a strong and positive way. We look forward to working with all of you for the next ten years and believe they will be just as important as the first.

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