IIA Member Firms Reflect on the Impact of the IIA (Part 1)


As the Index Industry Association celebrates the 10th Anniversary of our founding, we took the opportunity to ask our member firms about the impact the IIA has had on the industry and key stakeholders. In the post below, our member firms to share their thoughts on the role of the IIA, and the initiatives they feel have made an impact and helped to educate the public about the industry over the last decade.

“The IIA has served as an important platform for promoting best practices that strengthen markets and serve the needs of investors.  As a member, Cboe believes that by bringing together index providers, exchanges and other market participants in open dialogue, meaningful advancements in indexing can be accelerated.  These advancements bring greater transparency and strength to the global markets that benefit all investors.

In particular, Cboe and the IIA are aligned in the belief that Innovation, advocacy and education are critical to ensuring investors have the highest degree of trust and confidence in indices and index-related products and services. The IIA has and must continue to play a critical role in championing these issues as new technologies, customer trends and regulatory oversight shape the global financial marketplace of the future.”

  • Cboe

“Indexes are often the “unsung heroes,” playing a behind-the-scenes role with investors, so investor education around how market indexes work and the benefits they provide investors can be helpful. The IIA should continue to grow its public face and advocacy efforts on behalf of educating the broader investor community on the valuable role indexes play.”

  • Morningstar

“Despite the extensive use of indexing, a large part of the public is still unaware of the important role that indices (and index providers) play in markets. Qontigo appreciates having a voice for the industry in the IIA, which can help visualize our work and represent all members to key industry stakeholders and the investing public. The IIA’s efforts to promote sound practices in the index industry is vital to strengthen markets and best serve the needs of our clients.”

  • Qontigo STOXX

“In a rapidly changing global regulatory environment, the IIA is an invaluable forum to not only keep abreast of developments but to help members effectively engage policy makers so that industry views are factored into decision-making. The talking points and policy outlines the advocacy committees develop help sharpen industry perspectives and give clarity to the role our firms play in the market.

For example, engagement by the IIA and its members while EU climate benchmark legislation was being developed helped avoid requirements that would have been exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for the industry to achieve.”

  • Bloomberg

One important aspect of our educational outreach comes in the form of our surveys. Our ESG and Annual Benchmark surveys are valuable tools to help understand and inform market participants about the industry.

“The IIA annual index and ESG surveys are extremely useful snapshots of index use and client demand trends. They help showcase the relevance of indices as a backbone of financial markets.”

  • Qontigo STOXX

“The annual index survey provides the public with information on the rapid development of the indexing industry. We are delighted to have more interactions with the IIA and other members in the future.”

  • Hang Seng Indexes

“As the “one and only” association for the index industry, IIA’s annual survey for the index is the official survey for covering indices all over the world.”

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

The IIA strives every day to be a useful and educational tool for index providers and investors around the world. We look forward to working with all of you for the next ten years and believe they will be just as important and positive as the first.

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