Index Industry Association's 2nd Annual Global ESG Asset Manager Survey

Despite recent global economic uncertainty and geopolitical turbulence, asset managers reported strong growth in ESG investment over the past year across asset classes and believe it will continue well into the future.

The report, Tried and Tested, explores:

  • The state of ESG investment among asset managers today and where it is going
  • The growth of ESG investment among asset classes
  • Asset managers' thoughts on the effectiveness of ESG tools, metrics, and services
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IIA 2022 Index Survey Snapshot

Please see below for a quick snapshot of stats around our 2nd Annual ESG survey


Proportion of asset managers that now implement ESG criteria with fixed income


Proportion of fund-management companies implementing ESG criteria for commodities


Proportion of asset managers that thought environmental impact tracking tools were either highly or fairly effective


The proportion of asset managers that said ESG has become more of a priority within their company's investment strategy or offerings

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